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Dancing On My Own Track Info
Artist(s): Calum Scott
Album: Only Human
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Genre: acoustic pop
Lenth: 4:20
Writer(s): Robyn & Patrik Berger
Producer(s): John McIntyre & Fraser T Smith

About "Dancing On My Own" Song

"Dancing On My Own" is a acoustic pop song by - singer "Calum Scott" from his studio album "Only Human". This song's duration is (4:20 min) and available in and digital format on  iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Dancing On My Own is written by Robyn & Patrik Berger, produced by John McIntyre & Fraser T Smith and was released in April 15, 2016.

"Dancing On My Own" is a cover of Robyn's 2010 hit. Scott first sang it in his Britain's Got Talent audition which has been viewed over 70 million times. This version was released on iTunes on the 3rd June 2016, after Scott got his first record deal. The song has had great success in the UK, reaching No.2 in the Official Chart, beating the highest position reached by Robyn.
The song details the feelings someone gets when they can't get over their ex-lover. The song creates a mental picture of Scott standing in a club, watching his ex-lover dancing with his new lover, but yet he is standing in the corner, just wanting to "say goodbye" and get closure.
I'm such a sucker for falling in love with a straight guy. And I imagine a lot with the gay community, you fall in love with the same s*x, and there's no way of telling it. The heart wants what it wants, and you know if you're not careful, you can find yourself in a situation where you give your heart away and it can get broken. I think it went a little bit unnoticed from a broad sense, but the LGBT community really took that and was like "Oh my God, this relates to me so much." Probably most notable was a guy who'd come up to me at an American meet and greet [on my] headline tour in America. He'd hand-written this whole page, like the front and the back of this paper, and he was reading it out: "I was listening to 'Dancing On My Own' from your perspective, and it was so brave when you talk about your s*xuality, and you inspired me to be honest and truthful to myself. I told my wife that I was gay. And my wife's been really supportive, and my kids they've been really supportive, and now I live my life as a very happy gay man." I'm in tears, because I'm like, "I can't believe my interpretation of that song has changed somebody's life to the point where their whole life is changed."

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Dancing On My Own (Calum Scott version)

British singer Calum Scott performed the song as part of his audition on Britain's Got Talent in 2015. He subsequently released th…

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Calum Scott
Calum Scott

Genre: Pop

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Music Album(s):
Only Human
Music Album: Only Human