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Doja Cat Track Info
Artist(s): Mooo!
Album: Amala (Deluxe Version)
Release Date: August 10, 2018
Genre: R&B
Lenth: 4:43
Writer(s): Pharrell Williams, Mystikal, Yeti Beats, Lil Jon, I-20, KLC, Chad Hugo, Troy NōKA & Doja Cat
Producer(s): Troy NōKA & Doja Cat
Label: Kemosabe Records/RCA Records
ⒸCopyright: (P) 2019 Kemosabe Records/RCA Records

About "Doja Cat" Song

"Doja Cat" is a R&B song by R&B, neo soul, hip hop, psychedelia singer "Mooo!" from the studio album "Amala (Deluxe Version)". This song's duration is (4:43 min) and available in digital mp3 download and streaming format on Apple Music/iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Doja Cat is written by Pharrell Williams, Mystikal, Yeti Beats, Lil Jon, I-20, KLC, Chad Hugo, Troy NōKA & Doja Cat, produced by Troy NōKA & Doja Cat and was released in August 10, 2018.

"Mooo!" is a fun whimsical rap song about dairy animals, which turned into a viral hit inside only days. After the song was acquainted with the world with its music video release on YouTube, the song overwhelmed web-based social networking with acclaim and turned into a moment image.
At first look, the video may have seemed unusual to many, as Doja paraded her dairy animals outfit with cheeseburgers and shakes. Once Doja began to rhyme, it wound up obvious she had made something novel. Melodiously, Doja's refrains are loaded with dairy animals related pleasantry and she interjects lines from some of hip-jump's most prominent joints. The beat is additionally obviously catchy with its sultry guitars and songs on the snare, which was created by Doja Cat herself.
In a interview with Noisey, Doja clarified how this song helped her profession:
I feel really lucky that this song has created a platform for my debut because that wasn’t the intention behind the song. [My last] album actually got no support. There was nobody trying to push it. Now Katy Perry is tweeting me, which is cool. Chance is cool too. I know he’s a goofy guy and he appreciates DIY. It’s just cool to have these people supporting because it’s great exposure. I like them as well, which is a boner—I meant to say bonus.
Doja Cat says about inspirational things of the song:
After the achievement of the "Mooo!" video, Doja Cat chose to release a refreshed variant of the song that could be gushed and obtained.

The inspiration for Moo was literally my outfit. I was in bed with the top on. I didn’t have the skirt on ‘cause it’s too tight. It’s not even a skirt at this point, it’s like a belt, but I was in bed making a beat. A friend of mine sent a sample and I thought it was super cute. It was super happy and joyful and I was kind of done with making moody shit. I didn’t’ feel like making like a love song or like a sex song again, ‘cause I’ve been making that for like the last three weeks and I was like, “F**k it, let me just f**k around.” And this shirt is ridiculous. The only thing is like, it was a distraction making this song. This top was a huge distraction for me. I would go to hit the keys on the keyboard and I’d have shit in my way. But I’m just like, hitting the keys and I’m like, “You know what, I’m just gonna make a song about cows.”
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Doja Cat
Doja Cat (Singer)

Genre: R&B, neo soul, hip hop, psychedelia

Instruments: Vocals

Music Album(s):
Amala (Deluxe Version)
Music Album: Amala (Deluxe Version)

Genre: R&B/Soul