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Shrike Music Tracks
Shrike Track Info
Artist(s): Hozier
Album: Wasteland Baby!
Release Date: September 9, 2018
Genre: alternative rock
Lenth: 5:00
Writer(s): Hozier
Producer(s): Hozier & Rob Kirwan
Label: Island Records, Columbia Records & Rubyworks
ⒸCopyright: (P) 2019 Rubyworks Ltd., under license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

About "Shrike" Song

"Shrike" is an alternative rock song by Indie rock, soul, blues, folk, R&B, blues rock singer "Hozier" from the studio album "Wasteland Baby!". This song's duration is (5:00 min) and available in digital mp3 download and streaming format on Apple Music/iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Shrike is written by Hozier, produced by Hozier & Rob Kirwan and was released in September 9, 2018.

"Shrike" is about a relationship that has been lost, and the frustration and sadness that comes with the regret of not appreciating what was had when he had it. The relationship may not have been positive at all times but there was a deep connection that will most definitely be missed. Hozier wishes that in his next life this person will understand that they will not go unappreciated. He will portray his love through the reliance of a shrike on its providing thorn.
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Hozier (Singer)

Genre: Indie rock, soul, blues, folk, R&B, blues rock

Instruments: Vocals, guitar

Music Album(s):
Wasteland Baby!
Music Album: Wasteland Baby!

Genre: Alternative