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Bbibbi (삐삐) Music Tracks
Bbibbi (삐삐) Track Info
Artist(s): IU
Release Date: Oct 10, 2018
Genre: K-Pop
Lenth: 3:14
Writer(s): Lee Jong Hoon
Producer(s): Lee Jong Hoon

About "Bbibbi (삐삐)" Song

"Bbibbi (삐삐)" is a K-Pop song by K-pop, R&B, soul singer "IU". This song's duration is (3:14 min) and available in digital mp3 download and streaming format on Apple Music/iTunes.

The song Bbibbi (삐삐) is written by Lee Jong Hoon, produced by Lee Jong Hoon and was released in Oct 10, 2018.

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Genre: K-pop, R&B, soul

Instruments: Vocals