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The Good Side Track Info
Artist(s): Troye Sivan
Album: Bloom
Release Date: January 18, 2018
Genre: pop
Lenth: 4:28
Writer(s): Troye Sivan, Leland, Bram Inscore, Allie X, Ariel Rechtshaid & Jam City
Producer(s): Ariel Rechtshaid & Bram Inscore
Label: Capitol Records & Universal Music (Australia)
ⒸCopyright: ℗ An EMI Music Australia production; 2018 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd. © 2018 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

About "The Good Side" Song

"The Good Side" is a pop song by Pop, synth-pop, electropop, dance-pop singer "Troye Sivan" from the studio album "Bloom". This song's duration is (4:28 min) and available in digital mp3 download and streaming format on Apple Music/iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song The Good Side is written by Troye Sivan, Leland, Bram Inscore, Allie X, Ariel Rechtshaid & Jam City, produced by Ariel Rechtshaid & Bram Inscore and was released in January 18, 2018.

"The Good Side" explores what ensued from the downfall of Troye's relationship that took place while recording his debut album Blue Neighbourhood. As the song title suggests, it reflects on how Troye got the 'Good Side' of the separation and how he was able to turn his work in the music industry into a catharsis – a therapeutic outlet. As a result, Troye's break up experience was not one that harbored hate or anger, but instead a deep gratuitous understanding of what he developed from the relationship. Having been 'taught the ropes' and how 'to love,' this song is an emphatic acknowledgement of not only the fortunate position Troye was in to handle the break up, but a recognition of all the good that came from their experience together.
"This song's a little rough. It's basically about a breakup that I went through a while ago. You know, in a breakup, I think just the sheer nature of it, is that someone is going to get it rough. And I happened to be on the good side of things — I got to go on tour, I got to go and see the world, I had this very therapeutic experience of singing songs about that breakup and watching people sing them back to me, and I met someone new fairly soon afterwards. It's sort of a letter to that person to express apologies and sympathy and if I could change this at all, I would've. So I'm hoping that this song, a couple years down the line, is going to serve as a cathartic experience for the both of us to be like, 'look, this is the way that things happened and whenever we're ready to move on, let's do that."
Troye adds about inspiration behind this song:
With "The Good Side" I was writing with my best friend Leland and Allie X and Braymond Scott, who's a team I am extremely comfortable with. We've written together for a good few years now. This story we're writing about is kind of an older story. It had been a good while since this had all gone down, but for whatever reason I was in my feelings that day about that particular situation. And because we're all so close, they knew the ins and outs of the entire situation and knew the complexities of the situation and we were just having this conversation about, "Let's try to write a song about it, but let's genuinely vent." Let's not try and make me the victim or anything like that, because that's not the way it went down. Let's write an honest song about how the cookie crumbled and how shitty that is that it happened like that.
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Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan

Genre: Pop, synth-pop, electropop, dance-pop

Instruments: Vocals, piano, bass guitar

Music Album(s):
Music Album: Bloom

Genre: Pop, dance-pop